The subject of the “dirty bomb”, which Russia has claimed Ukraine possesses and intends to use it to launch an anti-Russian campaign, was quickly denied by the international community. It branded the accusations as false and without factual support. However, the main TV channels in Chișinău presented the story in a biased and manipulative way, which contributed to distorting information and manipulating public opinion. The analysis of Moldovan TV channels highlighted the need to improve accuracy, impartiality and ethics in journalism so that the public is protected from misinformation.

In the analysis of the TV channels in the Republic of Moldova, various deviations were identified that contributed to the distortion of information. These include manipulation through selective presentation of data, omission of information, violation of journalistic ethics and audiovisual legislation by omitting video sources, poor editing and inaccurate use of terms.

The research paper was developed by the WatchDog.MD Community, within the project “Strengthening the quality and information capacity of the independent press”, implemented with the support of the National Endowment for Democracy. The content presented is the responsibility of the WatchDog.MD Community and does not necessarily reflect the view of the donor.

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