When will Romania join the Schengen area? It is a question that, in December 2022, seemed to find a positive solution in the shortest possible time. Events have kept the entire European community in suspense, and will bring essential changes first and foremost in the lives of Romanian citizens. Therefore, in the December report, we decided to turn our attention to this external issue, which is also closely related to the realities in the Republic of Moldova, where more than one million citizens also hold Romanian passports.

We therefore set out to find out how the Moldovan public, which watches local TV news, was informed about what happened. Namely, of the most watched, according to the Socio-Political Barometer, TV channels in Chișinău.

I followed in particular how events were reflected on the subject in the second week of December, when, meeting in Brussels, the EU Justice and Home Affairs ministers officially announced: Romania failed to gather the unanimity of votes needed to join the Schengen area.

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